My old '78 R100S. I owned this bike for over 20 years. Sold it October 2012. Originally a '78 red-smoke 'Special' with cockpit fairing, panniers, etc.

          Mystic factory chromed rocker covers. EPCO stainless 'sport' pipes. Luftmeister iron rotors fr/rr. Progressive ft springs and rr shocks. Frenched rr mudguard, relocated taillight assembly, red police rr signal lenses, trimmed steel seat cowl. Narrowed battery tray for thinner Panasonic SLA battery. Custom 22mm broomstick bar. Custom chromed fork ears and headlight bucket. Luftmeister triple-clamp and side-stand. Boyer-Bransden ignition. RR brake reservoir from an 'F' bike. Earls SS brake lines fr/rr. Tygon fuel line. Early style shift lever. Earlier pics show bike with a polished steel tank and '78 police solo saddle - oem Denfeld - very comfortable - most recent pics with Corbin 'Gunfighter' saddle and sparkle silver powder-coated tank and seat cowl. Currently with Bridgestone BT45s. Final drive rebuilt by Hansen's BMW in Medford, Oregon; heads, clutch, trans rebuilt a long time ago by Ted Porter (and still running great). Thanks to Bobs BMW for all the free coffee and the Airheads-List for all the free know-how.

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Spring 2003